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Physical Education

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Physical Education

Here at S.S Peter and Paul JNS each class receives at least one hour of P.E. every week.  Our P.E. classes are made up of the five strands of the P.E. curriculum and throughout the year we take part in games, athletics, gymnastics, dance and outdoor  and adventure activities. We believe P.E. is a very important subject and we follow a school P.E. policy and timetable for teaching the various strands.  

Mrs Adderley is the school P.E Coordinator, she looks after the ordering and maintaining of P.E resources and timetabling the school hall. There is also a dedicated area in the school resource room for P.E. teaching resources, as well as a shared folder on our computer system where teachers can share resources from various P.E courses they've attended. A number of teachers have completed the Physical Literacy course, Move Well, Move Often and have shared their gained knowledge with the rest of the staff at staff meetings. Have a look at the pictures below to get an idea of the type of activities we do for each strand.







Outdoor & Adventure activities
‘Our school prioritises a different PE strand for further development each year’

After careful deliberation during a staff meeting we voted to prioritise the Outdoor and Adventure Strand. We had several meetings to discuss how we could enhance this strand for all classes. Each month we will incorporate Outdoor and Adventure activities into our P. E lessons as well as linking this strand into other curriculuar areas.

For Maths Week in October, all class teachers took their classes out around the school grounds to find Maths answers around the school.
Maths Trails


Nature Walks

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